Troop Zero - Amazon Studios USA, starring Viola Davis, Alison Janney and Mckenna Grace Full Score and Songs

How To Date Billy Walsh  - Amazon Studios starring Sebastian Croft , Charithra Chandran, Tanner Buchanan, Nick Frost - Full Score

Buddy Games 2 - Paramount+ starring Josh Duhamel, Dan Bakkedahl, Kevin Dillon - Full Score.

Slipstream – MCPA USA, starring Sean Astin, Vinnie Jones, Full Score and Songs

Apartment 12 - Six Feet Under Films USA, starring Mark Ruffalo, Theme song Down Down Down

Coffee Wars - Foam Production USA. starring Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Kate Nash. Full Score and Songs

Pumpkinhead 4 Blood Feud - MCPA USA, starring Lance Henriksen, Full Score

Pumpkinhead 3 Ashes To Ashes - MCPA USA, starring Lance Henriksen Full Score

Dance Camp - Awesomeness TV USA. Score

Writer’s Retreat – Moli Films UK Full Score and Songs

The Fallow Field – Industryworks Pictures UK, Original Music


Days that shook the BBC with David Dimbleby 3 x 60 mins BBC

Curious Life and Death of .. Brooke Lapping Productions 6 X 1 Hour

Grand Designs 8 x 45 mins Channel 4

History Cold Case Series Two 4 x 1 Hour Shine TV/BBC

Wonderstuff 6 x 30 Mins Shine TV / BBC

History Cold Case 4 x 1 Hour Shine TV / BBC

Dinosapien 15 x 30 mins BBC, Discovery, HBO

Tourettes Rewired 1 x 60 Mins Five

Personal Journeys series 10 X 10 Mins Coast / Discovery

African School 6 x 30 mins Lion TV / BBC

Daring Himself 1 x 30 Mins Sky One

The Shot series 10 X 10 Mins Coast / Discovery

Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed. Series One. BBC

DanTDM Creates A Big Scene 6 Episodes Endemol

Little People Series One. Hit Entertainment

Kerwhizz – Series One. 26 x 20 mins BBC

Kerwhizz – Series Two. 15 x 20 mins BBC


Real Anne - ITV

48 Hours With Ali - AdHoc Films

I Am Duran - AdHoc Films

The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins BBC Films

Night Of The Fight: Hatton’s Last Stand AdHoc Films / ITV

The Four Year Plan AdHoc Films / BBC

Death Of A Gentleman. Additional Music. Dartmouth Films

Video Nasties! Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape dir Jake West

Blood & Oil: The Search For A Future Driver dir Martin Stitt

Law & Disorder: The Insanity Defence dir Sylvie Bolioli Polaris Productions


RCVR (Science2Fiction/Google / Machinima USA Dir David van Eyssen)

13 (Paramount USA Dir David van Eyssen)


Fuzion Frenzy Xbox One Microsoft

Just Cause Eidos

Bad Boys: Miami Takedown Empire Interactive

Tracy Beaker BBC / CBBC Online

I-Ninja Namco

Disney’s Aladdin In Namsir’s Revenge Sony

Toca Race Driver Codemasters

Fuzion Frenzy Microsoft

Chicken Run Eidos/Dreamworks

Disney’s Little Mermaid II THQ

Action Man Operation Extreme Blitz Games

Action Man Destruction X Blitz Games

Glover Hasbro Interactive

Manx TT Superbike Sega

Wolverine: Adamantium Rage Acclaim

Discworld Psygnosis / Sony

Discworld II: Mortality Bytes Psygnosis / Sony

Wipeout (Sega)

Screamball US Gold

Primal Rage Time Warner Interactive

Pocahontas GT Interactive


MG Cars Stuart Rideout RSA

UK 2011 Census Stuart Rideout RSA

Mentos Kiss, Bert&Bertis BBH

After Eights Jim’s Place JWT

Sony Soundaholics Mp3 Walkman Y&R

Pilsner Urquell Stuart Rideout RSA Films

Kodak Stuart Rideout RSA Films

Canon Stuart Rideout RSA Films

Braun Activator Lowe & Partners

PKR.Com 10 X TV and Cinema Commercials

Sugar Puffs Eden Diebel, Rainey Kelly

Olympus Lowe & Partners

Coca Cola Publicis

Burger King Lowe & Partners

Wheetos Lowe & Partners

Playjam Lowe & Partners

Pilkington Glass Eden Diebel


The Other Woman dir Farzana Tipurita

A Performance dir Guy Paterson

Skirt dir Amanda Boyle Academy Films

Worm dir Bert & Bertie

The Taxidermist dir Bert & Bertie -Warp X Films

Trapped dir Rowland Jobson Sea Food Films

Phobias dir Bert & Bertie – Film Council

Gas dir Sylvie Bolioli – Polaris Produdcitons

Strange Little Girls dir Savina Dellicour – Cinema Extreme Film Four

Sounds of Silence dir James Appleton – Screen East

Fernando dir Tancredi Medda